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A Lowdown on the HerbalAire H Vaporizer

Herbal Aire H2.1 is a bit slick and well designed vaporizer. It goes without saying that performance wise, this vaporizer is very efficient. The HerbalAire is well and truly able to vaporize almost all herbs without any waste even in the least. For someone who is economical, this vaporizer is the best buy. This can go a long way in preserving the herb supply.

It is believed that this vaporizer can even extract the vapors from the herb residue from a Volcano. Apart from them, this vaporizer also has a nice solid feel. It seems that some good engineering has gone into the making of it. How to use HerbalAire H2.

1 Vaporizer First of all, one is required to go through the manual as to its use and maintenance. To use this vaporizer, firstly one has to plug in the vaporizer heater then the pump should be plugged in. now, the tube should be connected. When, these things are done, one should fill the herb in the bowl. The amount of the herb varies depending upon the users' choice.

There are two methods of inhaling the vapor produced from the herbs. Both of the methods have been described below in brief. In the direct inhalation method, once the vaporizer is plugged in, the mouth piece should be attached into the chamber. Now, it should be turned on to about 360 degrees. After that one should wait for the further indication. Thereafter the bowls should be filled with the desired amount of herbs and then loaded into the chamber.

As a final step, the mouthpiece should be hooked up to start inhaling. If there is more than one user and only one vaporizer is there, or one wants to share with his friend, in that case, bag system can be used. Once the bowl is filled, the mouthpiece should be put over it and extension should also be connected in the mouthpiece. After that, bag is attached and the dial is turned to about 360 degrees or so.

Temperature can vary according to the users' preferences. When it is good to go , the light will start to indicate. As soon as the pump is switched on, it will begin filling up the bag. Soon one can see the fine mist collecting in the bag. This means one can inhale the collected vapors in the bag. But it should be made sure that the pump is switched off.

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