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Muscle Gaining Tips For Skinny Guys

Everyone can get the body they are dreaming of, doesn't matter if you are skinny and feel like it's impossible to even put on one single pound on your body. Don't give up, there are many ways. Everyone is different and it's simply about finding the way to combine exercise and food intake so that is works out perfectly for you.

People that have difficulties to gain weight and muscles are usually called "hardgainers" and "ectomorphs". The hardgainer is someone that finds it difficult to gain muscles while an ectomorph is someone who is genetically thin and skinny. Those people's metabolism is usually more efficient and burns calories faster than others. So is the key simply to eat more? It's most certainly one of the most essential factor.

As a start you can add around 20-25% of extra food each day and see what a difference it makes. Try to eat something every two to three hours, have a snack between meals and keep your calorie intake steady. Don't eat crap though, have a balanced diet with a good amount of protein to it.

Make sure that the amount you are eating is in balance with how much you exercise as well. If you only eat and don't work out hard enough, there's a risk that that extra amount of calories will be transformed into love handles rather than a six pack. By working out the right way and eating a good amount of food you will be able to gain 4 pounds of muscles in only one month. And that's only the start. Another tip that aids the muscle gain is to work out in the afternoon or evening.

Since the body has a different metabolism over the day there are times when you can optimize the work-out for the calories that are being spent. It's not the best idea to work out in the morning, this is when the body is using most energy and your effort will be pretty much useless. Make into a rule to always have at least 2 meals before you work out. If you've been skinny your whole life you might have to expect the results to come slower than for those that have a less efficient metabolism.

Keep that in mind and be patient and don't give up. To get the body you wish for is something that is happening over time and even if you can't see results straight away, they are most certainly on their way. Keep up the good work and don't give up. Focus your attention on your goal and know that you can do it. With the right mindset there's no limits to what you can achieve!.

Jason Storm writes articles for Go Muscles, a blog about building muscle. Visit his site to learn all about gaining muscles naturally.

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