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Building Muscle Mass Without Using Weights

The workout routines below are isometric type exercises and are very effective if done properly and on a consistent basis. I used this method myself for years before I started using weights and joined a famous health club in 1973. ( which I am no longer in need of ). Remember to warmup and stretch before you begin. In order to duplicate the results you would get from weights or pricey, bulky equipment, you need to isolate the muscle group and produce the same resistance. Simply lay flat on the ground with your hands and arms tight to your side.

Make sure your legs are straight and lift them up slowly so you can feel it working. Do as many as feesible and then try a set where you hold your legs at about 10 inches off the ground for as long as you can. Do these exercises three or four days a week for an hour or so and you won't believe the results. Remember to mix in some cardio exercises . Use more cardio than resistance training at first to burn the fat if you are still overweight. Place both your elbows tight to your waist and hold out forearms palms up in L shape.

Now take one arm and make a fist, placing it in the other palm. Press down while pushing up with the palm arm, keeping elbows tight to body. Wall Press: Stand erect and sideways to a solid wall with one of your hips facing wall.

Make a fist and place the side of the fist against the wall with your arm straight down. Now move away a lttlle bit so your hips and feet are about 12 in. from wall. Simply press as hard and as long as you can. Find a door opening and stand directly centered facing the jamb where the door locks.

Now place a hand on both sides of door opening and place your feet in a comfortable position. With your arms in a somewhat L shape, simply press right and left arms together (wall is between R and L hands) as hard as you can and hold it. Rest a little bit and do another set. Do these on a consistent basis and you will get the abs you've been hoping for. If possible, hold some kind of weight on your stomach while you do the crunches. Putting your hands behind your head when you first begin is fine, but you want to progress to a hands free sit up.

Lay on a mat or something soft. With bent knees gently raise yourself up and down with a slight twist to the right and left so you get a full abdomen workout. With your arms in front of you, put your palms together and press. You can extend your arms or have the elbows bent in any manner that's comfortable.

Pushups: Still a great exercise where no equipment is necessary. If you have trouble doing the conventional pushup ( body horizontal and knees and belly off floor) you can find a surface that allows you to do them on an angle, such as a couch or counter top. Just do them like a normal pushup, only on an angle.

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