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Discover Some Hidden Secrets Of Local Spices And How It Fights Diseases As Well As Other Ailments

Extracts of the pungent leaves are used as an emetic, carminative, purgative and revulsive against pains and rheumatism. The powder of the seeds is used to prepare special pepper food sauces given to lactating mothers. The fruit extract is also used to aid conception and as a vermifuge for round worms. Pergularia daemia of the plant family Asclepiadaceae. The leaves, stem and root barks are used for cough, fever, catarrh and diarrhoea in infants.

African pepper or Black pepper {Xylopia aethiopica} is of the plant family Annonaceae. The stem bark, fruits, seeds and roots are used for stomach aches; dysentery; bronchitis; cancer; ulcers; fever and debility; rheumatism; post-partum management and fertility-enhancing; and vermifuge. Fruit extract or decoction of the bark is drank for the treatment of bronchitis and dysenteric conditions; and also as a medicine for biliousness and febrile pains.

The powdered root is used as a dressing for sores and rubbed onto gums for pyorrhea and in the treatment of cancer. Powdered bark is dusted onto ulcers to enhance healing. The decoction of the leaves and roots is used generally as tonic and often mixed with salt to cure constipation. Sweet basil, Hairy basil, Tea bush, or Scent leaf {Ocimum species} belong to the plant family Labiateae. The species include: Ocimum basilicum; O. Canum; O.

gratissimum; O. americanum; O. guineense; and O. viride. The whole plants and leaves are used as an anticonvulsant, diaphoretic and carminative. It cures cough, catarrh, cold, fever, chest pains and diarrhoea.

Others are earache, ringworm, nasal bleeding, anti-spasmolytic and relief of pains of the colon. The leaves are chopped up and eaten as a febrifuge. Powdered form of the leaves is taken internally for catarrh. A paste of the leaves is applied topically against ringworm and skin diseases. Seed infusion is prepared to treat gonorrhoea, nephritic and urinary infections, diarrhoea and chronic dysentery.

The warm extract of the leaves is used in instillations for otitis media, sinusitis and in fumigations for cough and headache. The roots of these species together with the leaves of Jatropha curcas and fruit of Xylopia aethiopica is boiled and given to children as a strengthening tonic. The leaves of these species are usually very aromatic.

They are thus used for seasoning and flavouring sauces, salads and soups. The scent of the plant is also used to protect against snakes. Thyme {Thymus vulgaris} of plant family Labiateae. The leaves and fruits are used as antiseptic, antihelmintic, expectorant, carminative, diuretic, emmenagogic and sedative. Thyme leaves and fruits are rich in thymol. The powdered form of the foliage is prepared and used in food for both seasoning and curative purposes.

Tetrapleura tetraptera {Leguminoseae}. The stem bark and fruit pod are used for flatulence, fever, convulsions, bone fractures, rheumatism and gonorrhoea. The pod is ground with palm oil and used in the stretching of fractured bones.

Aqueous extract of the pod is used as anticonvulsant and molluscide. A decoction of the pod and the bark is used as emetic and to wash the affected organ in the cure for gonorrhoea. The paste of the pods mixed with the roots of Citrus lemon, Olax subscorpiodes, Chenopodium ambrosioides and the bulb of Allium ascalonicum in treatment of rheumatism.

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