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Elliptical Fitness Trainer Gets Results with LowImpact

Elliptical fitness equipment is becoming a favored type of workout machine and evidence of this trend can be seen in the increased number of the elliptical fitness trainer machines that are seen in health clubs. Elliptical machines provide an excellent and very effective aerobic workout while exacting a very low-impact on the joints, knees and hips. This combination of factors is very appealing to the baby boomers who want to stay fit but also want to avoid knee and hip pain. An elliptical trainer reduces the stresses that are put on your legs, the hip and knee joints because of the gentle elliptical motion that is used. Less stress on the joints means there is less likelihood of strain that can lead to injury.

One of the biggest problems with most types of exercise machines is that at some point during the movements, there is stress, or impact, which can cause soreness or injury. When this is the case, soon the machine is doing little more than collecting dust instead of helping people become more fit. People who have used an elliptical fitness trainer say that it is like walking in midair. Because your feet never leave the large pedals of elliptical machines, there is no jarring on the feet, ankles, or knees, such as happens with treadmill equipment. Instead, the smooth motion of the crossover elliptical trainer actually mimics the natural path of movement of the hips, knees and ankle joints during walking, running or jogging. However, unlike the actions of walking, running and jogging, your feet are supported the entire time you are going through the motions on an elliptical trainer, eliminating the jolting impact that comes from each step when you walk or run.

It has been estimated by sports physiologists that the impact the joints of the lower body receive when one is running is two and a half times their body weight. In addition to stressing the hip, knee and ankle joints, this also has a significant impact on the lower back as well. Using an elliptical trainer for your workout routines reduces such impact to virtually nothing. In order to reduce joint strain even more, the best elliptical trainer models feature articulating foot pedals.

This type of training elliptical configuration of the foot pedals allows the machine to better conform to your natural stride. More and more often, fitness experts talk about the importance of doing weight-bearing exercises. This is because it has been shown in studies that weight-bearing exercises can reduce the occurrence of osteoporosis, which is another big concern for the aging population. Unlike fitness machines such as stationary bikes and rowers, an elliptical machine allows you to get a weight-bearing workout with minimal impact. Another aspect that makes an elliptical uniquely beneficial is that it provides a way to workout both the upper body and the lower body at the same time. In fact, crossover elliptical trainer machines are in a class by themselves in this regard.

There are simply no other exercise equipment gym machines that can simultaneously work as many muscle groups as the training elliptical method can. With an elliptical fitness trainer you can get a complete workout that puts your hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, back, chest, biceps and triceps to work all at the same time. This helps people to tone and strengthen all areas and muscles groups. As an additional benefit, this means that you are able to burn up more calories in a shorter amount of time as well.

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