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Great Home Remedies for Acne

Acne is a skin condition which mostly affects teenagers, but has also been known to affect people in every age range from childhood to adults. Acne is usually associated with inflamed, red, blotchy skin, pimples and, in severe manifestations, cysts (hence the term cystic acne). It can also consist of clogged pores, both white and black comodomes (also called whiteheads and blackheads). Acne not only affects ones skin, but also affects ones mental outlook on life.

Acne is a serious disease or condition and there are some great home remedies you can do to halt or limit its progression. One obvious rule of thumb that pretty much everyone can agree on (including doctors and dermatologists) is that picking or squeezing pimples and or cysts is not good and can result in permanent scarring. Picking and squeezing acne of any form will damage the skin worse than it already is. Professionals, like dermatologists, may use a lancet to open a cyst or puss filled pimple as this will allow drainage and treatment of the acne causing bacteria. Per Dr. Howard Mann: Acne is the result of clogged pores, which cause the hair follicles and sebaceous glands to become inflamed and infected.

Areas that are particularly susceptible to acne include the chest, back, shoulders, neck, and face. Pimples and acne should not be picked at or squeezed to minimize the risk of scarring. One important home remedy is cleanliness and the use of gentle cleansers. Harsh soaps tend to dry out the skin and can actually cause the over production of sebum or oil worsening the condition. What is better is to use a mild cleanser like Cetaphil or its generic equivalents.

This will clean your skin and remove excess oil without overdrying your skin. Mild cleansers are also usually hypoallergenic so as to minimize any disturbance to acne inflamed skin. It is also important to make sure all makeup and similar products are removed before bedtime. Proper hydration is also a key home remedy for acne. If your skin is not properly hydrated it can not properly cleanse itself or exfoliate properly and could end up in clogging the pores.

Clogged pores are the leading factor in acne and proper hydration will minimize this. It is advised to drink atleast 6 to 10 glasses of water per day. Proper hydration will also improve your skins health and its ability to fight or ward off infection. Another popular at home remedy that has only recently been made available is skin peels for increased skin exfoliation and treatment of acne bacteria. Stronger skin peels, like TCA peels (trichloroacetic acid) remove acne bacteria from deep inside the pores and return the skin to its natural pH or acidity level.

They will increase exfoliation and, basically, make your skin an environment that is non conducive to acne bacteria. TCA peels have actually been found in studies to be as effective as Accutane, the strongest acne medicine available, without any of the horrible side effects. Doctors and dermatologists have been using TCA peels, like the infamous Obagi Blue Peel by Dr. Obagi, to treat and heal acne prone skin and resultant scarring.

David Maillie is a chemist with over 12 years experience in biochemical research, clynical analysis and skin care. For more information on TCA peels for in home use and other great anti-acne products and ideas please visit MDwholesale

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