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Health It isnt what I thought it was but it is what I do everyday

A doctor told me once; "If you take this medicine you'll be up and running in a week time. But if your own immune system needs to do the job it will take seven days". I wasn't an exception, like many people I never thought about my health very much until my body gave me some warning signals. That's where my journey started. It became a bumpy ride, torn between regular and alternative medicine. Torn between evidence based medicine and second rank medicine.

Many times not knowing what and who to believe. Logic told me that some things couldn't be true otherwise we would hear about it in the media. As I found out, the world isn't always the way you see it. This is the book that changed my outlook at the world forever; Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About. That's were my journey really began and the puzzle started to show the landscape surrounding me. I was to find my health problems were caused by the food I had been eating.

That the food companies must know about it, but profits were and are obviously more important. I found out that doctors run a different agenda where the word healthcare actually meant sickness care. Where cause and consequence meant only one thing; a recipe for medication that meant for some: a recipe for disaster. Now my journey lasts already for two decades and I became a huge fan of natural medicine that starts with our thought process, the food we eat and the choices we make every day. I like to help you out, getting you on the road in the right direction as fast as possible.

Here are some directions I can give you. 1. Who can I believe? a). I can't give this statement weight enough but: don't trust the food industry and the government! b). It's sad but even your doctor shouldn't be on your save information list.

2. Get yourself informed. a).

Book: The China Study. The book that everybody should read. b). Book: Beating the Food Giants. (Free eBook download) Have you got any idea how much at the supermarket shelves is junk food? On the Internet.

a). Mike Adams www.naturalnews.com b).

What Doctors Don't Tell You www.wddty.com (and many more) 3.

You need to know: a). You, and only you, are responsible for your own health. b). Asking the doctor for a medicine is simply giving away your responsibility. (Medication is only worth trying if nothing else works and most doctors start with their first option: A medicine!).

Helping people to preserve and maintain an optimum health status, that's my goal. Find out more about the protest song I recorded about the Codex Alimentarius (food rules) and Canadian C 51 Bill at: http://www/uitdaging.net/Health_Protest_Song.html

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