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How Kangen Water can Help Diabetes

In Japanese, Kangen means "return to original". This is possibly the best way to describe what alkaline water is and what it achieves. Kangen water is recognized by some in the medical field as successfully aiding the body to recover from dehydration and several types of illnesses linked to dehydration.

The reason for this was probably because a bunch of around five to six different molecules of water make up Kangen water. The small elements that make up the Kangen water are very good hydrators. Moreover, these tiny elements easily move along the cellular membrane. Water coming from the faucet has approximately twelve up to fifteen water molecules. Because of the wide range of water molecules, absorption becomes harder much more for the water utilization. How is it related to diabetes? The studies about the reversal of the effects of Type 2 Diabetes have been proven in the use of alkaline ionized water.

It is more effective when combined with regular exercise and balanced diet. However, medication should not be taken. A hospital in Korea did a study about this by taking diabetic patients as participants. The researchers divided the group into two and the two groups followed a different routine.

The first group followed insulin injection regime while the other group only tool alkaline ionized water. The outcomes of this study were written in the book called "Water of Life" which was written by Dr. Won H. Kim.

Dr. Kim works at Yonsei University as a professor at the Medical School department. He reported that the group who only took alkaline ionized water had shown a relative decrease as compared to the group who continuously took insulin injection. The stability of blood sugar level was also seen in the second group whereas the first group only showed a continuous fluctuation in the level of their blood sugar. Other studies have shown that Kangen water slows down aging, alkalizes our body, and cleanses out the intestines.

This reduces extra toxins that a diabetic's body has to fight and try to get rid of and makes the diabetic a healthier person. Why does this happen? Kangen water removes toxins from the body preventing the serious buildup of ketones. Excess ketones show up in the urine when the blood cannot handle any more, and can be a danger sign that a diabetic may be headed towards falling into a coma or worse. Unstable pH level in the body is very unhealthy as unstable pH level may cause the body organs and parts to malfunction. Certain studies also proved that Kangen water can actually aid in keeping the pH level at certain stability.

Moreover, Kangen water also aids in melting the acids from the foods that people eat. People who are into these kinds of foods are most likely to become obese and Kangen water works well on this situation. Kangen water also functions as anti-oxidant by producing extra minerals that are very essential for the body. Kangen water helps in bringing back the radicals that were usually used up from the toxins that have been deposited to the body.

However, to obtain this more effectively, a person may need to take other types of vitamins and it can be more expensive. How can Kangen water be produced? Kangen water may be produced by the use of ionized water generator. This equipment frees the water from the presence of bacteria and chemicals.

The outcome would be water free from unnecessary chemicals and bacteria yet rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium. By combining Kangen water with a healthy diet plan, proper exercise, and effective medical care, a person can reduce their chances of developing this disease. However, if a person is already diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, the simple act of adding Kangen water to their current health regimen can reverse the effects of diabetes and eliminate or reduce future health risks associated with the disease.

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