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How To Get Rid Of Pimples A Guide To The Untold Secrets

How to get rid of pimples? At any point in time this question plagues the minds of most teenagers around the world. Because on it hinges other supremely vital issues like, Do I get to be the next Prom Queen? or Will that new hunk in the basketball team ask me out for a date? Ways to Freedom from a Pimply Skin Just introduce the topic of pimples in any gathering and you will be flooded with tips, ranging from the very simple, which are actually quite rare, to some really preposterous ones. But unknown to many, you really do not need to do much to get rid of pimples. And the foremost advice that most well meaning people will tender is never ever to poke and prod at a pimple.

This will only lead to it swelling and redness and there are chances that you will end up with permanent marks. However, the golden advice regarding pimple remedies is regular cleansing of the facial skin. And the best way to go about this is to wash your face 2or3 times a day and preferably use a mild, fragrance free (the scintillating scents are actually chemicals, and harmful ones at that) soap.

Another oft-quoted advice is to steer clear of oily and fatty foods. And the chocolates and the burgers too, tempting they may be. You should remember that a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables along with copious amounts of water is ideal to cure pimples. An exfoliating routine is also quite a handy treatment to remove pimple or control their emergence. A thorough scrubbing of your body and facial skin will remove the dead skin cells that would have otherwise bunged the skin pores and led to ungainly whiteheads, spots and acne.

As you have realized from the pimple treatment tips, any chemical on the skin is a definite no. But what about make up? That will make your puffy eyes and mottled appearance vanish in an instant. Go in for make up by all means but do take care to remove it at the end of the day. Homemade Tips To Cure Pimples These days people are leaning more and more towards natural remedys and this goes for pimple cures also. Thus when that gala party is only a few days away you will usually find the pimple-plagued girls and women raiding the kitchen shelves.

They know that cucumber paste left on the pimples overnight is a great cure, as is a facial mask made from nutmeg and milk. Do not throw away the orange peelings, for a paste of it on the pimples is a good cure. You can also settle in for a bit of vinegar on a cotton ball to be wiped on the pimples. As regards getting rid of pimples naturally, you have an umpteen number of choices: tepid salty water, egg whites, garlic and ice cubes.

Now that you know how to cure and prevent pimples, there is nothing stopping you from getting back that clear, blemish-free complexion of your teenage days.

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