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Identifying Manic Depression Symptoms at the Earliest

Manic depression is also known as bipolar disorder and is a chronic, recurring condition. Though less common than other types of depression, this involves cycles of depression and elation. A person with this condition can be identified easily if he or she exhibits manic depression symptoms. One of the significant manic depression symptoms is that the individual has an alternating pattern of emotional highs and lows which vary in intensity depending upon whether it a mild or severe condition.

The characteristics exhibited by the individual will vary with the mental phase in which he or she is. Euphoria, high self-esteem, optimism, rapid speech and thoughts, increased physical activity, poor judgment, recklessness, aggressiveness, inability to concentrate, and difficulty sleeping, are all manic depression symptoms associated with the manic phase of the disorder. Sadness, anxiety, guilt, or hopelessness, fatigue, lack of interest in daily activities, chronic pain and suicidal tendencies are some of the manic depression symptoms associated with the depressive state. There are many reasons why someone becomes depressed.

This could be due to a hereditary problem or as a result of some external situation. Neurochemicals are believed to be the culprits that bring about manic depression symptoms. Manic depression symptoms also have an impact on the physical appearance of the individual. The period of time a person remains manic or depressive could be anywhere from a few days to many months.

The intervals between episodes can also vary. In some individuals there is a predictable pattern for manic depression while in others there may not be any such indications. Treatment also is dependent upon the kind of manic depression symptoms exhibited by the individual and the intensity with which they are displayed. First episodes of manic depressive illness usually occur in young adults. If the first such episode takes place in an individual who is over the age of fifty, then it is more likely to be due to some other illness or as a result of a reaction to some other stimuli.

The incidence of men and women contracting manic depression is the same. No single cause of the illness has been identified by researchers as yet. Many people do not seek help partly because they do not realize what they are going through and partly because they think that they can handle their recovery on their own. But it is essential that manic depressives realize their problem and get help as soon as possible. It is important to know that manic depression is not a hurdle to having a happy and productive life.

A few changes in your lifestyle and appropriate medical guidance can go a long way in easing the problems arising from manic depression issues. Each person is a unique individual and what is true for one may not be right for the other. Depression in one member of the family has its effects on the others one day or the other and this is definitely not a good thing for anyone, particularly in the long run.

Juliet Cohen writes articles for depression treatment and depression clinic. She also writes articles for depression home remedies.

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