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Oh My Aching BackSimple Solutions for Wound and Pain Management

There are times when we feel SO proud of ourselves - for exercising, eating the right foods and remembering to choose clean, safe natural organic products. But why is it that when we begin to exercise and work out, we can end up in so much pain? Is it pre-ordained that we HAVE to get a backache or aching legs? And what about the headaches that seems to go with 'getting in shape'? Well, it really depends upon our initial level of fitness and any other conditions that were simmering in the background before starting the exercise program. We forget about basic conditions that may have caused us to be sedentary to start with.

Whether it became too difficult to exercise daily because of cold, inclement weather or we actually had a major health event preventing us from exercising; underlying symptoms often show up with a return to serious exercise. Then, of course, there are our 'weekend warrior wounds' from diving into extreme activity before we're conditioned. Whether it's a minor scrape, sprain or sunburn from over exposure, we need to take care of those injuries so they don't become more serious.

We also need to understand that when we are feeling pain, we need to stop long enough to understand the core cause of the discomfort. When exercising or "playing", I often recommend that families take along a natural, organic first aid kit in addition to standard bandaids and antibiotic salve. Additional items include a safe, effective sunscreen; an aloe vera gel or spray to cool and treat stings and bites; an essential oil like helichrysum (immortelle)for pain mitigation / treatment / mixing with the salve; and finally, a basic sanitizing wash or spray to use as a cleanser/sanitizer. Sometimes an 'injury' can be visible as a painful swelling or as inflammation - an underlying condition that is usually exacerbated with even a slight change in routine - like exercise intensity.

With our bodies assaulted by pollution, environmental stress, and other toxins from the food we eat or products we use, we can become extremely toxic. Recent research published by sources as varied as the Environmental Working Group and the National Geographic reveal alarming statistics of the body burden we carry. Having even a minor change in our habits or exposure can result in a rapid and often extreme response from a toxic body.some would call it a 'healing crisis' requiring immediate intervention. Remember, discomfort - all the way to pain - is our body communicating about issues that we aren't necessarily aware we need to take care of.

For example, many of us have an occasional headache that we deal with in a number of ways - from application of an ice pack to an over-the-counter analgesic medicine. But what about headaches that progress to migraines or come on suddenly with light sensitivity as a by-product. All of these situations have different levels of pain and should be dealt with appropriately.

Obviously the best answer is to act as soon as the first "body talk" appears. Knowing that one headache might be from too much sunlight, while a migraine might be triggered by allergies will allow an appropriate response. One of the simplest answers is to wipe off your hands, face and neck with a clean, cool cloth.

Wiping away dust and pollens will remove particles that may be causing you to react to allergens - and develop the headache. Follow with an ice pack applied for about 20 minutes while lying or reclining. It may help relax muscles that begin to tighten as a response to pain. Many Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Energy Therapists, etc.

provide non-invasive allergy tests to determine if you are suffering from seasonal, food or environmental sensitivities. Then there are the sprains, small cuts, blisters, abrasions and other souvenirs from a rousing game played over the weekend. Whether that game is baseball, softball, racket ball, inner tubing the river or just running with your dog, the results can be the same. Again, dealing with visible but minor injuries is well worth your time to have researched and secured a product that will work like a 'bandaid in a bottle'.

I make sure I always have a small bottle of a product that will give me immediate relief and reduce inflammation through an immediate, cooling action. However, if the injury is a sprain, broken bone or concussion, seeing a medical professional is important. Wound and pain management should allow both patient and care taker to cleanse the wound, sanitize the wound area, apply a therapy to begin mitigating any inflammation and bandage the wound as necessary. The items identified for inclusion in your personal first aid kit will adequately deal with these injuries. One of my favorite products is made from stabilized oxygen.

I like to use it for cleansing, sanitizing and beginning the healing process. Choose your own favorites, but get your first aid kit ready for your summer fun!.

Linda Chae is President & Chief Formulator for Chae Organics, Inc. and a pioneer in 'go natural' skin care for consumers. Her commitment to clean, safe toxic free products requires organic ingredients backed by scientific research. Her safe and effective therapeutic skin care products are essential for your first aid kit. To order her products, visit www.chaeorganics.biz

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