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Postpartum depression

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Dividing into the causes of depression three biological causes, and psychological causes, has split the cause of social cause and I know I have seen, for example, if a different cause namyeo investigation. Also, a lot of (English 97) .

Why is this happening, why depression is depression that goes against modern medicine has yet been revealed yet.
However, in order to woo uljeungeul understand anything different opinions will help clean up the mess.

, Tess is thought Crowley Hippo genetic physiognomy and Hippo Kra Tess is a type of physiognomy has been revoked as easily melrangkkolri boat, and those people out of a fluid secretion overstock heukdamjeupyi deulroseo that person is called a 'black' damjeupjilhyeong.
In addition, these types of disease to be damjeup sword is the reason that blood or semen damjeup due to corruption because it is.
The cause of mental depression in modern medical background for biological research is proceeding steadily.
Hippo the genetic causes of depression Kra Tess is also about to do research.
However, the actual Ref.

1 (??), the household (??) if you do not have to do very often mental disorders.
In addition, many non-Ref.1, especially dangeukhyeong (???) depression earlier in the bottle takes its personality characteristics in common that there is too intellectual.
After all, any particular type of personality who is easy to say depression you can take uljeunge woo.
Back psychological depression is that people wake up doegibodaneun antidepressants and therapy as a treatment.

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