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Rejuven Age

While hair coloring, pain meds and nursing home reservations occupy so much airtime, how would life change if the answer were closer to home? The coveted Fountain of Youth lives within your own body. Before renewing your own prescription to old age, discover how one brilliant Professor of Education, Prof. Bob Fletcher, discovered that the body's ability to heal itself is more amazing than any engineering feat. And why one of the top surgeons in Spain, Dr. Baldo Garaycoechea, who gave up a stellar career to find the true end to suffering, feels that Prof.

Fletcher's work is the answer he's been looking for. The Rejuven-AgeŠ Technique CD, a remarkably simple yet profound solution to the dis-ease of aging, is the co-creation of Prof. Bob Fletcher, its developer and Dr. Baldo Garaycoechea who inspired the idea. Prof.

Fletcher has spent years talking people's unconscious minds into repairing the body. The Rejuven-Age Technique is the next step in Dr. Fletcher's extraordinary work. Whether the problem is physical, emotional, mental or intellectual, Prof. Fletcher's unique technique works on the same premise ? the body knows what to do and will go to work repairing itself when it gets the proper instructions.

Dr. Garaycoechea, deeply influenced by Prof. Fletcher's work, challenged Dr.

Fletcher with the concept of applying his technique to the process of aging. Prof. Fletcher found that this was a marvelous and much more direct approach to the process of re-educating the mind, for rejuvenation revives all systems of the body. Dr. Garaycoechea, a top surgeon in Spain, was a pioneer in deafness surgery in the early '60s when just a handful of doctors were experimenting in this area, yet he left his notable practice because he knew he was not getting to the root cause of his patients' problems.

The two professionals are launching a website to introduce their powerful Rejuven-Age Technique CD, a radical approach that is far more affordable than the youthening approaches out there today. Prof. Fletcher, based in Utah, has designed this technique to instill instructions to the mind to revive body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Garaycoechea, now based in Calgary, Canada, has partnered with Prof. Fletcher and Businessman Ernesto Diez Carmona of Spain to launch the Rejuven-Age Technique CD. "We say that becoming older is normal, but aging is a dis-ease.

Through Dr. Fletcher's Rejuven-Age Technique, we can reach the hormones that will put you where you were when you were thirty years of age," said Dr. Garaycoechea. The CD will be available soon in two tracks, English and Spanish. "All of the knowledge accumulated by Prof. Fletcher made it possible to create Rejuven-Age for the benefit of all mankind to restore youth, regress the body functions to the age of around 30, and allow people to enjoy life in its fullness," said Dr.

Garaycoechea. "Instead of limiting who he can help to office hours, we will be able to reach millions of suffering people through our www.rejuven-age.com website, where people can purchase the CD.



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