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Stop Smoking Stop Stinking Save Money

It's time that you stop smoking. There are many reasons why, including your health, but there are other reasons that should make you stop as well. So many people are dealing with addictions to cigarettes and they don't even realize the negative affects that smoking is having on your life. Did you know that if you quit smoking you'd smell better and save huge amounts of money? It's really true! You see, smoking is costing you more than your health.

It can be costing you your social life, because you stink, and your financial life, since you're spending hundreds of dollars on smokes each month. So, let's take a closer look at what quitting can do for you. You Won't Stink Anymore - So, you know that you could be at risk of contracting cancer, but if this doesn't help you to stop smoking, then the idea that you stink should. Sure, it sounds pretty harsh, but when you smoke, you can smell it.

Everyone that comes in contact with you will know that you smoke, just because of your smell. Your clothes will smell, your skin will smell, your carpets will smell, your hair will smell, and your belongings will all smell. You can't fully get rid of it with soap, perfume, or with any kind of body spray either. You'll still be smelling like cigarettes as long as you are smoking. All that smoke that's coming out of those cigarettes is getting on your clothes and you're inhaling it right into your body, making your body stink from the inside out. All of that tar that's now inside your body is making you someone that most people don't want to stand to close to.

However, if you quit smoking you won't have to worry about stinking anymore. You'll begin to smell a lot better, and people won't shy away when you walk into a room anymore. Save Huge Amounts of Money - Another important reason to stop smoking is because it will help you to save huge amounts of money. If you sat down and added up all that smoking costs you, you'd be amazed.

You see, not only do you spend hundreds on cigarettes each month, but smoking costs you in others ways as well. You end up having to pay more for your health insurance and when you sell your car or home, you'll lose money on that too because it's been smoked in. You'll also have to spend more on cleaning your teeth, not to mention having your clothes cleaned as well. So, smoking can get pretty expensive over time, not to mention what you'll be paying in health care costs if you ruin your health. So, if you don't want to stink and you want to save money, it's definitely time for you to quit smoking. You owe it to yourself.

You'll improve your social life and you'll have far more money than you used to, so you can take the extra money, invest it, and use it for the long life you'll have if you quit smoking.

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