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What Blackheads Really Are and How to Finally Get Rid of Them

During adolescence most people likely dealt with one form of acne or another, and one of the most common forms that plagues most are blackheads. Keeping blackheads at a minimum can seem difficult, but it is possible to treat the pesky spots with much success. Blackheads are almost impossible to prevent because of the ability of skin to constantly produce oil and regenerate skin cells rapidly. Washing with salicylic acid soap can remove pore-clogging debris and surface oil, but only temporarily.

Alpha hydroxy acids gently exfoliate skin to prevent cells from building up and clogging pores, which makes them a good first treatment. Pore strips are a great product solution for removing blackheads because they help remove the debris. Pore strips also have some drawbacks. One drawback is that a pore strip does not prevent blackheads from developing and the adhesive used on them can cause irritation to individuals with sensitive skin.

Stubborn blackheads and resistant blackheads usually will require a more aggressive approach. Your dermatologist may choose to prescribe a topical retinoid cream. Retinoid creams have the benefit of not only breaking the blackhead up for dissolving but will also slow down the production of oils in the pores.

Retinoid cream does not provide a fast improvement and it may take a few weeks to a few months to see a visible improvement. Using gentle water based cleansers and skin exfoliating products, along with avoiding bar soap, is one of the best methods to treating and preventing blackheads for recurring. It is actually getting very difficult to find a cleanser that is hard on the skin.

Many products that are now available are for sensitive skin. Individuals with excessively dry skin may need to use a gentle light lotion to maintain a decent level of moisture in the skin. If a moisturizer containing too much oil is used, it will only create an ideal habitat for acne blemishes to form.

There are gentle exfoliating products available that can remove the excess skin cells and exfoliate inside the pore. These products improve the shape of the pore, allowing a more even flow of oil through it. Keep in mind that the pore itself is lined with skin cells that can build up, creating a narrowed shape that doesn't allow for natural oil flow out of the pore.

Do not overdo it, do not remove too many skin cells as this can cause more problems and hurt the skin surfaces. Exfoliation is something that is very effective and should be done to eliminate blackheads and exfoliating. It is good for the skin since it gently removes the top layer of dead skin cells. By removing the dead cells, the skin will look and fell much younger and healthier. Skin peels can also help, though they should not be done if the individual is using a retinoid cream treatment.

Skin peels remove the dead skin cells, while also removing dirt and other debris from the pores. The number of peels typically recommended for the successful removal of blackheads is five or six peel treatments. Results and visible improvements, however, are usually noticeable after two peel treatments. There are now many over the counter, do-it-yourself, peel kits available readily. Most pharmacies and major retail stores that offer skin care products carry these products. A dermatologist may also use a tool referred to as an extractor to remove blackheads.

This is a metal instrument with a small round opening on the end used to remove individual blackheads. The opening is pressed against individual blackheads for a few seconds to dislodge the debris. Using an extractor can cause an individual to experience some discomfort but the process is very quick and is a very successful way to remove blackheads. There will never be a permanent solution or a prevention treatment for blackheads, but if the blackhead prone areas are exfoliated and cleansed properly the occurrence of these blemishes will be at a minimum. A great thing to remember when suffering from blackheads is to never pick at them as this can cause acne cysts to develop or even worse yet, scarring. Blackheads are a condition that most people deal with on a daily basis.

However, if you take care of your skin and follow commonly used tips, you will see less of them in your mirror.

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