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What is Reiki

Reiki is a complementary therapy that is a method of natural healing. It is centred upon universal life energy which is the meaning of the Japanese word reiki. This therapy is named after a Japanese theologist called Dr Mikao Usui who discovered the art of healing by using and transferring this universal life energy.

Dr Usui acquired the ability to transfer reiki energy following a prolonged period of meditation and was also able to help other people act as channels for this energy . To benefit fully from reiki it is necessary to to be initiated into this reiki energy, which is done by a reiki master. Reiki is now used to heal, either the practitioner or others in meditation and in conjunction with other therapies such as aromatherapy.

Reiki energy is regarded as life energy at its most effective. There is no division of reiki energy into positive and negative forms. However when a person undergoes a session of therapy they allow the energy to be taken into themselves with positive effects. Fundamentally, those people receiving reiki energy decide subconsciously how much of the life energy that is taken in.

Those who use reiki regularly find that they are more lively and their own in-built energy is increased. Any existing conflicts that are within the person are broken down and there is a feeling of greater vitality, leading to relaxation and a stimulation of the body. When this improvement develops, the natural processes of removal of toxins and renewal is increased and made more effective.

This will ultimately open up more of the body to the life energy. For the body organs and protective systems to be improved the individual must be prepared to regularly undertake reiki. This will initially require an initiation into reiki energy which is a means by which the universal life energy is given through the reiki master.

The master acts as a channel and a link with God to release the healing power. There are several inter related effects that result from taking in reiki energy. It will enable the universal life energy to be received, it creates a feeling of deep relaxation. Energy blockages are removed allowing a flow of life energy through the body and toxins and other waste products are removed from the body more quickly. When the toxins have been removed from the body, more energy can be received. This will allow the vital processes and functions to become more highly tuned.

Deep relaxation is essential to reiki therapy and this is dependant upon the divine quality that is attributed to the energy. The extent to which reiki is able to work is defined by the receiver of the energy because only the necessary amount of energy is drawn in. A refusal to accept reiki , consciously or otherwise will result in no energy flowing.

Attitude is also very important because if a person attempts to use reiki in the wrong way, it will not work. Self-discovery must go together with the everyday experiences of real life. It is not possible to hide from the problems of real life through a misplaced introspection.

Reiki is a technique of healing that is available to everyone. It can lead to a more relaxed approach to life and a greater harmony with the environment. It can also be applied to plants and animals.

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