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You Can Prevent Breast Cancer

Sometimes, one suffers from breast cancer even if you've taken all the necessary precautions and preventive measures. Call it fate or whatever, but if you do take care, the chances of suffering from it suddenly get that much smaller! Anyway, today, breast cancer is not the terrible disease it was a few years ago. Many women survive even after a bad case.

Here, too, if it is detected early, there's that much more of a chance to get absolutely back to normal as quickly as possible. What are the ways that you can prevent breast cancer? Take a look at the measures that you could adopt to prevent this condition. While it is not foolproof, it will definitely help in keeping the disease at bay.

First of all, watch your weight. High estrogen levels mean you could be more prone to breast cancer. The levels of estrogen go up when there is more fatty tissue in the body. This usually happens during menopause when hormonal changes mean that women tend to put on weight. Unfortunately, this is the time when not too many women bother about how they look so they just themselves go. What you need to do is to practice self-control and say a stern No to all fatty foods.

This is one way to keep your weight down. Don't eat because you're bored or feeling low or you're lonely. Think slim and get there. It might be worth it talking to your doctor about the quantities that you need every day and the kind of foods to eat and what to avoid. The other way to do this is to exercise. No, you do not have to spend hours at the gym.

Just walk or swim if you can't manage an exercise regime. Make sure you exercise regularly, not in fits and starts. You need at least half an hour of exercise everyday. If you're overweight, maybe a bit more initially till you lose a bit of weight. Make this time sacrosanct. It's best if women cut down on the drinking.

Never mind what kind of alcohol, anything is bad news as far as breast cancer goes. Why this is so is anyone's guess but the link between the two is strong so it is best avoided. Maybe the occasional drink when you are celebrating something is fine, otherwise stick to non-alcoholic beverages.

What is very good as a preventive is a citrus juice. All citrus fruits are supposed to lower the risks of breast cancer. Antibiotics and pesticides are also bad for breast cancer. Try and use natural alternatives to get rid of pests and as far as antibiotics are concerned do not use them unless it is absolutely necessary. What is good not only for the heart but to prevent breast cancer as well seems to be aspirin.

A regular intake is supposed to be beneficial. The temptation to go in for hormone therapy is great especially when you are in the throes of hot flashes and irritability. But it is known to aggravate breast cancer. Ideally, one should just grin and try and bear the menopausal years instead of looking for quick-fix remedies. Just a few dos and don'ts and suddenly you could find the road ahead of you clear and breast cancer-free!!.

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